Whickham Thorns

The Whickham Thorns Activity Centre in Gateshead offers an exciting and varied range of experiences for all types of people. This is a place where one can go for a walk or cycle around the woods and enjoy a book or a newspaper whilst you are doing so. If you are looking to get fit and you have a desire to improve your general health then the gym at this activity center is one of your best options to achieve these aims. Not only will you be exercising, and getting into shape but you will also be having a good time and meeting new friends who share your interests and passions. Even if you are not a member of the fitness center, if you have children, the free play area is a great place for them to spend their time as they learn to play along with other children and learn basic skills whilst having fun.

The Whickham Thorns Activity Centre in Gateshead is a wonderful place to go if you are looking for a variety of different types of activities. Whether you want to go on a boating trip or whether you would like to go mountain climbing there is something available for everyone here. In addition to this, you will be able to find many other types of activities at this facility such as climbing and walking as well as many others such as kayaking, dog sledding, and mountain biking. If you are interested in water sports or even swimming, you will find many locations at the activity center where you can indulge in any or all of these sports.

If you need a little bit of help finding out more information about the various activities that you can do at this activity center then it is advisable to go online and do some research. You will find plenty of information on this site and you will be able to find things such as the menus, opening times and other important information. There are also plenty of pictures and videos to view, which can help to make your visit to the Whickham Thorns Activity Centre in Gateshead a more pleasant experience. If you have never visited this center and want to come and spend a few days or a week whilst you are there then you will find it hard to go past this particular activity center. So, if you want a family getaway spot which has something for everyone then you should consider looking into the Whickham Thorns Activity Centre.

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