Saltwell Park

Saltwell Park.

Saltwell Park is situated in the center of Gateshead and is visited by people across the country. A beautiful Victorian park that has won many awards such as the Green Flag and Britain’s Best Park, residents of Gateshead have had the luxury of this well maintained and beautiful park, and one of the best things about it is that it will not cost you a penny to visit it.

The park opened in 1876 and was designed by Edward Kemp and incorporated the mansion of William Wailes, who eventually sold it to Gateshead Council for the sum of £35000. Gateshead council over the years bought adjacent lands, slowly increasing the size of the park to a massive 55 acres. This was done from 1920, but by the late 20th century, the park started to go into disrepair, with the beautiful mansion falling into ruin and eventually fenced off to the general public. However, between 1999 and 2005, the park had approximately £9 million ponds invested into repairing it to the fantastic standard that is now.

Saltwell Park is essentially in three different sections with the magnificent mansion in the center. The mansion is a Grade 2 listed building and is surrounded by a belvedere wall, and if you don’t know what one of those is you can click here to find out.

There are three War Memorials, a petting zoo, a four-acre boating lake and three bowling greens, and of course three kids playing areas.

The Lake has been subject to many rumors over the years of a large pike living in the lake, however when the lake had to be repaired and it was drained. Nothing was ever found. Another oddity of Saltwell Park was Saltwell Airlines. Many children from Gateshead will remember their visits to the cockpit of the plane, and the emergency inflatable slide to jump out of. The plane was removed from the park after eleven years of service in 1992, and with a 100% safety record.

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