Millennium Bridge in Gateshead

The Millenium Bridge

Gateshead and Newcastle have an abundance of many things. Lots of pubs and restaurants, lots of shops. A few museums….and lots of bridges. Seven of them in fact. Just in case six wasn’t enough.

However, the three that are mainly known is of course the Tyne bridge, the Swing Bridge, and the Millenium Bridge. No we are not saying that this is the defacto list, we are just saying!

The last bridge to be constructed on the Tyne was the Millenium Bridge and was constructed and installed on the 20th November 2000 at a cost of £22 million pounds.  It was put in place in one piece by one of the largest floating cranes in the world and opened to the public on September 17th 2001.

The purpose of the bridge is so that it can be used by pedestrians and cyclists but if a ship or vessel needs to go through the bridge, the entire structure moves, like a blinking eye, so that they can pass through.. The Bridge is operated by hydraulic rams and is highly energy efficient. Staggeringly, it only cost about £4 for the bridge to be maneuvered and takes only about 4 minutes for it to get into position!

The Bridge is a famous landmark in the North East and has even been stamped on the English £1 coin. It has been on the cover of the Bentley Magazine and like the Angel of the North, it has been used in many TV spots and commercials.

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If you have seen the Millenium Bridge and you would like to take in some beautiful Victorian Landscaping then you need to head to Saltwell Park

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