History of Whitley Bay

History of Whitley Bay

A town that can be traced back to the 1100s, Whitley Bay is a beautiful seaside town that has long been a favorite with tourists and locals alike. With its long sandy beaches and picturesque views of the Tyne Estuary, Whitley Bay is a wonderful place to spend a day at the beach. But if you’re here for the first time, you might be wondering: What is the history of this beautiful seaside town? How did it become such a popular destination? And why is it still so loved today? To bring you up to speed on the history of this seaside town, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting facts about Whitley Bay.

Early History of Whitley Bay

King Henry I—the youngest son of William the Conqueror—conferred hundreds of acres of land along with many other precious possessions along the coast to the Prior of Tynemouth. Among these possessions were documents and maps containing information about the location of the sandbanks off the coast. More references to Whitley Bay can be traced to the charters of King Henry II, King John, and many others. Then after the Dissolution of the Monasteries—the series of events in which Henry VIII took possession of all monasteries and religious houses in England and Wales, the Whitley was incorporated within the Crown. But the future had other plans for Whitley Bay.

On 8 December 1551, by a grant of Edward VI, this town was transferred to be governed under Earl of Warwick – that was until 1632 when it came under the possessions of Duke of Somerset, who married Elizabeth. Today, the name is most commonly associated with the area of the seaside town known as Whitley Bay, located within the Royal Borough of North Tyneside. And after a long period of development, the town has become a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. From sandy beaches to sprawling parks, restaurants, live music, and family days out, there’s never a dull moment in Whitley Bay—and there are plenty of historical sites to explore.

Regeneration of Whitley Bay

In the late 19th century, Whitley Bay noticed a sharp decline in its local coal mining, and many other businesses suffered. The entire town faced a decline in its local economy, and many of the town’s residents suffered from a lack of employment opportunities. Fortunately, the town was given a new lease on life with an influx of new housing, increased tourism, and the newly-built golf course, thanks to the initiates taken by North Tyneside Council in February 2007. Today, the regeneration of the seaside town continues, bringing a brighter future for the town and its residents.

From redevelopment of the famed Spanish City—a popular local attraction—to the recent construction of the skatepark, a new library, and so much more, the North Tyneside Council has made it clear that Whitley Bay is here to stay and enrich the lives of many to come. Promising to bring together all of the town’s assets with the many planned developments, the council’s continued investment in the seaside town—a key factor in the regeneration of the town—has renewed Whitley Bay’s appreciation among locals and tourists. Today, the seaside town continues to embrace a bright future, having a Blue Flag status beach and a number of popular sites.

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Hopefully, this guide to the history of Whitley Bay has further encouraged your interest in the town and will encourage you to explore more of it. So don’t miss out on a chance to spend a day at the beach, enjoy the stunning views of the river, or spend a day exploring the town’s many historical sites – a fascinating history is waiting for you.

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