Gateshead Metro Center

Gateshead Metro Centre



The Metro Center, before it was the Metro Center, was home to the Dunston Power Station, which was delivering power to the region until it finally stopped operating in 1981. After its demolish, plans for an out-of-town shopping center were being developed by Sir John Hall after several visits to America, where shopping centers were the cutting edge of retail experience. With this in mind, Sir John looked at the possibility of bringing that experience to the North East.

The Metro Center opened in stages, and the first stage to be opened was the Red Quadrant, with a large Grocery store. The Metro Center also boasts of being the home to the first Marks and Spencers that was not on the high street. The shopping center has five main areas that are identified in colours. These are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Platinum. It also has separate areas. These were originally the Antiques Village and the Mediterranean Village.

The Metro Centre is home to 270 stores in total and ranges from big national chains to local retailers. Included in this number is a massive section of the Metro Centre dedicated purely to restaurants inspired by countries around the world. If you cannot find something to eat here then, well… must be a fan of boring food?

The Metro Center is not just a shopping center by its own rights. It has facilities all around it including the Metro Retail Park. This outdoor shopping section has some large business units as well as a McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and a Krispy Kreme across the street. Around the corner from the Retail Park, there is an Asda Hypermarket and Ikea if you fancy getting lost in the Blue and yellow maze of a shop.

The Metro Center is aimed at being a retail experience, and the aim is to make visitors comfortable in a modern shopping environment. You could literally spend hours in the shopping center and we know of someone who spent 8 hours there in one visit.

The Metro Center is accessible by the A1 as well as major bus routes and its own Railway Station. 

The closest town to the Shopping complex is Dunston and if you are a resident there and need a boiler service then give NG Boiler Servicing a call.

If you are looking for something that involves a little more culture then we recommend you visit the Baltic Art Centre in Gateshead

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