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Comprehensive Boiler Servicing in Gateshead

DH Boiler Service in Gateshead specialise in the servicing of various different manufacturers such as Vailant, Worcester, Baxi, Ideal and more. With our years of working in Central Heating Industry, we have the experience and skills to cover all boilers.

A Boiler Service starts from £50 and is done to the highest Gas Safe regulations. We never compromise on quality, and any work that needs to be completed is always explained to the customer beforehand.

The boiler is possibly the most expensive appliance in the home and it is vital that it is taken care of. A well maintained and serviced boiler can help the life time of the boiler, ensuring that it’s running cost effectively and safely. If your boiler is new, it may also needs to be serviced to maintain any warranties on the boiler.

Boiler Service

Does your boiler need to be serviced?

If you want to make sure that your boiler is working correctly then you really should consider getting it serviced every year. The two main reasons why you should get them services is if your boiler is faulty, then you could be spending more money on your heating bill and the boiler may not be running as economically as it could be.

Other things to take into consideration about getting your boiler serviced is that if you do not have them, there is an increased chance of a gas leak in the system. If your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide you won’t be able to tell as it’s colourless and odourless The best way to ensure that you are safe is to ensure that the boiler is serviced reularly and also have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. You can buy a Carbon Monoxide detector here.

What happens with a boiler service?

Every boiler that we service will follow the same methodical and strict procedure. We will complete the following boiler service tasks.

  • Visually inspect the boiler and the controls to make sure that they are in operational order.
  • Check the boiler for leaks and corrosion.
  • All the main components are inspected after the main casing has been removed.
  • The boilers gas pressure is checked.
  • The boiler flue is checked by a flue test which ensures that it is safe with fumes and emissions.
  • If the test indicates that parts need to be cleaned then this is completed.
  • The casing is replaced back on the boiler ensuring that it is sealed properly.
  • You will be provided with a checklist showing the work that has been carried out and any advice noted for the future regarding your boiler.

DH Boiler Servicing use a teamof Gas Safe Registered engineers that carry out all boiler services and work. They are all time served professionals and are fully insured to carry out all domestic and commercial work. You can check our engineers credentials by asking them their Gas Safe engineers number and checking the Gas Safe register here.

Are you ready to get your boiler serviced?


Customers often have questions about if their boiler is faulty or needs a service. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to answer any you may have. We also provide a Boiler Repair Service

Heating and water is not getting hot

We would need to take a look at your boiler to assess this. If your boiler is showing any error codes, make a note of them and contact us to arrange a date. We aim to get your heating and water on as soon as possible. To arrange a service, contact us

Thermostat not working

Unfortunatley, there isn’t an easy answer for this one without seeing the thermostat. However we are happy to come and assess the problem and advice on what to do to fix it.

Pilot light goes out

Each boiler has a different process for relighting. If you do not feel confident relighting your pilot light, we woul dbe happy toget it running again for you.

Radiators not getting hot?

If your radiators are getting warm in certain parts of the radiator, you may need to bleed them using a radiator key. If there is no heat at all, we will need to have alook at the system to get it running again.

Unsure if your Boiler is working properly?

Having your boiler serviced yearly will highlight if there are any problems with it running efficiently and possibly catching problems before they get worse. We will be honest with our customers when it comes to your boiler appliance and central heating system.

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