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No hot water? Central Heating cold? Boiler Leaking?

Worcester Boiler Repair Specialist

  • Do you have an ongoing fault with your Worcester Boiler?
  • Does the Boiler have water coming out of it?
  • Has the hot water and the radiators  stopped getting hot?
  • Has the Worcester boiler just stopped working completely?
Worcester Boiler Repairs

Then you need to call us

For an affordable Worcester Boiler Repair or Service you can call 0191 359 2213

  • we have a selection of Wrcestert boiler parts in our vans so your boiler cold be reapired on the first visit.
  • Call out fee is £40 however this is not charged if a repair, service or inspection is completed.

Try this guide before you call


Customers often have questions about if their boiler is faulty or needs a service. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to answer any you may have.

Boiler Fault Codes

  • C6 Fan fault
  • EA =
    • Blocked condense
    • Faulty gas valve
    • Faulty electrodes
    • Faulty flame rectification
    • No gas
    • Low gas
Have you got gas?

Check that the gas is on at the meter. If you have a gas hob, does the gas come through the gas burners?

Check your boiler pressure
The pressure on the boiler should be between 1- 1.5. If it is not, then repressurise the boiler. If you are unsure how to do that, the video will show you how to complete that task.

Is the Boiler getting power?

Does the boiler have any display working? Back lights? It could be possible that it has blown a 3 amp fuse? Make sure that all power switches are turned on.

Is it really cold outside?
If it is really cold outside, the plastic condenser pipe may have frozen. Get the kettle (not fully boiled) on and follow the video tutorial.
Always try a reset

Make sure you have turned the boiler off and back on. It msy reset a problem.

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