Baltic Art Center

Baltic Art Center

Baltic Art Gallery is located in Gateshead. A converted factory with minimalist interiors hosting occasional temporary exhibits by international contemporary artists. It is a one-stop-shop for art lovers of all ages. This is the perfect place to buy contemporary art. It’s an ideal base from where to explore the neighboring countryside and coast. In spring and summer, it is the ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty of the Sea of Marmara.

Baltic Art Gallery has a permanent collection of over one hundred and fifty works from over twenty different countries. It was founded by Irina Romanova in 1970. It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Museum has a permanent exhibition entitled ‘Art and Difference’, which features works from various European countries by leading artists including Michelangelo. Other major attractions include the Baltic Film Centre, the Baltic Graphic Studio, and the Baltic Graphic Design Festival. It is the home of the Baltic Art Centre, one of the leading organisations supporting artists from across the world.

The Baltic Art Gallery is a joint program of the Baltic Film and Gallery Centre and the Baltic Graphic Design Festival. It presents internationally renowned artists from twenty different countries through our exhibitions, events, and workshops. The artists come from various disciplines including sculpture, performing arts, digital art, photographic art, printmaking, literature, and visual culture. We aim at providing a platform for artists to display their work, exchange experiences, and develop new projects.

Be sure to take your camera with you during your visit to the Baltic Art Centre in Gateshead. As you tour the various exhibitions, talk to the artists, get to know the location and the inspiration behind the work. You will leave feeling more knowledgeable about contemporary art and perhaps even ready to start your own artwork project. Art is not just about experiencing and looking at it, but getting it into your mind, which is often much more difficult. Get your own piece of contemporary art and be inspired.

If you are looking for something more sporty, you can see what events are happening at Gateshead International Stadium.

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