Angel of the North

The Angel of the North

One of the most iconic sculptures in the UK (and some would say Europe) is The Angel of the  North. The statue cuts an imposing figure across the landscape towering in at twenty meters high and 54 meters wide, the statue was designed by sculptor Antony Gormley. The design started back in 1998 and was erected in 1998. This Angel is the biggest sculpture in the UK and is said to be the biggest Angel sculpture in the World. Eat your heart out Rio De Janeiro!


The sculpture is based on the body of the sculptures himself and is said to give a sense of embracing. This could be fitting as the sculpture is located on a site that faces the main road of the UK facing traffic coming from the South and heading North. The Angel was also known as the guardian angel for the main Duo of the 200o film, Purely Belta, and has also been used for many TV adverts over the years, sometimes coming into a bit of controversy when supermarket chain decided to illuminate the main body of the sculpture with a baguette?! They apologised for the promotional stunt and any offense that it may have concerned.


Often, when the Gas engineers of NG Boiler Servicing drive past the statue they grab a coffee from the coffee van that often stops there, and at one point were lucky enough to catch a singing session of the band Embrace who started a mini-concert from a back of a van. But that was a fair few years back…. If you are Gateshead, and your Central Heating System has not been looked at in a while, we specialise in domestic boiler servicing and can service it so that you have peace of mind that is running safely and efficiently. Call us today to book an appointment.

For more things to do in Gateshead, you could visit one of the bridges that connect Gateshead and Newcastle, and we suggest the beautiful Millenium Bridge.


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