Boiler Servicing in Gateshead

Our Gas safe registered engineers are here to make sure your Boiler is serviced and running efficiently.


Boiler Servicing in Gateshead

Servicing your Central Heating Boiler so that it is safe and running efficiently.

Boiler Installation

Installing brand new boilers saving you money and keeping your home warm.

Boiler Repair

Faulty boiler repair so that you can get your heating and hot water back on quickly.

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Gas Safe Engineers

All of our engineers are time served Gas Safe Registered engineers and fully insured.


All Boiler Manufacturers Serviced

We are specialists with Vailiant Boilers but also service all of Boiler manufacturers. If you have a Worcester Bosch or Baxi that needs a boiler service, then please call us. 


High Quality Workmanship

Our work is to the highest standards and aim to ensure that all new customers would be happy to refer us when people need their Boiler Servicing in Gateshead.


Boiler Service Specialist

We make sure that every boiler service that we do is done to ensure the gas safety and efficiency of your central heating system. When you have your boiler serviced, you will have peace of mind knowing it is gas safe.

Birtley Boiler Servicing

Our aim is to be the go to provider in Gateshead for your Boiler Service and Boiler Repairs. You can trust us to work professionally and courtesously  as we want to ensure that you will recommend us to your family and friends.

We are Gateshead based and have always worked in the area. We provide Boiler Servicing in Gateshead and work with some of the areas biggest Estate Agents.

We have 20 years experience working in Domestic heating installation, serivicing and repair. We work with all of the major Boiler makes so that you can be sure that your appliance is in safe hands with our Gas Safe registered Engineers

Our aim is to be the go to company for Boiler servicing in Gateshead. Regardless if your Boiler needs a boiler service or a repair you can trust NG Boiler Servicing.

We are [proud to be based in Gateshead and if you are not from the area, you should visit The Angel of the North

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We’ve Been Working in Heating for 20 years

Working with the countries biggest Central Heating company to starting a local independent business.

Customer Reviews

“The guys came out for a Boiler Service and have done for several years now. Always clean and tidy and have made sure that my boiler works efficiently for the next year.”


“We needed a new boiler as our old one has been in since we moved 20 years ago. I got a brand new boiler installation for a good price and I’m happy with the length of the guarantee and I’ve got peace of mind knowing its gas safe.”


“Our gas boiler was loosing pressure and the water was not heating up. The problem was quickly found and explained  and now I have heating and hot water again and our boiler repaired!”


Boiler Servicing in Gateshead

Boiler Service Gateshead

To arrange your gas safe boiler service, all you have to do is to contact us by either clicking the button to send us a message, hit the Facebook messenger button, or if you are on mobile , just call usl!

What happens when your boiler gets serviced?

To ensure that all boiler services are done correctly, we ensure that all our engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

There are a list of jobs to do to effectively service a boiler correctly. First, we’re going to check the gas and the integrity of the installation and that  the correct pressure is going to the appliance. Then we’re going to do a let by test done on the meter to make sure that the emergency control valve is naturally letting by. The next text to be carried out is a bolt tightening test, testing all the Installation pipework on the system. When that test has been conducted and the engineer is satisfied that the installation is indeed gas tight They can  can carry out the service on the appliance.

First thing we need to do is visually inspect the appliance to make sure that the case and flue are both intact and correctly installed.  The next part of our service is to visually inspect the interior of the boiler by removing the boiler cover and check for any signs of distress via any leaks for any damage to the case or the electrical components.

The next stage of the service the engineers Will clean out the siphon on the condense  strap which is fundamentally key to the system operating correctly. We check that the condense installation is correct.

Next stage is for the engineer to remove the siphon and clean it from any debris. The next stage is to remove the case. The engineer will inspect the burner and clean it of any debris.

After inspecting this and inspecting the burner the engineer will reassemble safe in the knowledge that the appliance should be burning correctly.

The next test to be carried out is the combustion analysis.By doing this, the engineer can analyze the CO to  CO2 ratio and check that the actual appliance is burning correctly. Firstly we check the high flame settings to ensure that it is burning satisfactorily on the high settings. Then the same is done on the low flame settings. The engineer is ensuring that the boiler has satisfactory combustion as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

The air intake of the flue is then inspected, this checks the full integrity of the flue to make sure there is no cross contamination or back siphon . The engineer is looking for a reading of 0 for carbon monoxide. 

Once the service has been completed, the Engineer will go back to the gas meter and carry out a secondary tightness test to make sure that after all the work is complete to ensure that the system is gas tight. When we are finished, we will put a reminder sticker on your boiler cover with our details on if you ever need a boiler repair.

This is a typical Boiler Service routine that is carried out by Gas Safe Registered Engineers.

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